The Success Mindset – The Big Mistake in Your Thinking That’s Holding You Back from Your Dreams!

When is Enough Enough?
That’s the question that we would like to pose to you today. This is a question you must answer, because your answer is likely causing you to go toward your goals in the wrong direction.

When we grew to understand this for ourselves, it literally changed everything for us. We were going deeper and deeper into debt as struggling home based business owners. 

Once we were able to discover what we were doing wrong, we were able to fill in the blanks and really start moving forward in our business. Now we are helping others live their dreams! 

The Game You Are Playing (the Thinking) That’s Killing Your Dreams

The bottom line is this…If you’re playing the game of “When I get _______, then I’ll ______” , this is a thinking pattern that you need to change immediately.

Let’s fill in those blanks with some common ways of thinking…

When I start marking $10,000 per month, then I’ll be happy”

When I start seeing success, then I’ll start becoming a leader that people will want to follow!”

When I’m successful, then I’ll be enough.”

You can add anything in either blank that’s been holding YOU back.

Even when the language changes, or you flip it around, you still must be careful. “I’ll start doing webinars, once I’m making money!”

So what’s wrong with this thinking?

It’s very simple. 

It’s completely backwards, and it’s not the way success is achieved. You’re playing the game wrong, and it’s not the way to win. 

A Success Mindset – BE, DO, HAVE!

Read those three words, and compare them to the statements above. Completely opposite right?

Most want to HAVE before they DO, and then they can BE!

They want to have the big paychecks, before they start doing the work that it takes to get those big paychecks, and feel happy because of the income they’re making.

They want to lose weight, before they’ll start working out hard, so that they can be happy about they way they look.

If you’re doing this, then it’s likely because you’ve never really looked at it in this light. Like so many things, when we don’t truly peel back and take a deeper look into the way we’re thinking, then it seems to make sense.

Because that’s the dream right. Earn $10,000 a month from home, you’ll feel a sense of freedom and happiness. It seems to make so much sense, but it’s simply not the way it goes.

And to dive even deeper, it’s not the way the rules and laws of universe works. The Rules Are That YOU Have to BECOME the Person FIRST!

This is why 99% of the people who win the lottery lose that money within 2 to 3 years, and end up right where they were before winning (or even worse off!)

Sure they might have caught some good luck, or as we call it “a blip in the matrix” but nothing internally changed FIRST.

Their sense of worthiness remains the same, they haven’t grown into the person who has a wealthy mindset, therefore very quickly the universe evens things out, and brings them back to where they are vibrationally.

All because they skipped the first two steps. the Be, and the Do! 

Tina Guimar & Debora Rogers

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