The Other Major Problem of Trying to Reverse the Be, Do, Have Process!

There’s another issue when you approach your goals without first BECOMING.

If you go at a goal from the standpoint of “When I hit X, then I’ll feel Y”, then once you hit that goal ($10K a month for instance), like a drug that high isn’t enough. You hit it, and you’re asking “now what?” It wears off very quickly, and now you’ve got to get to $15K a month to get that new high.

It’s because you came at it through a place of lack. That you had to get to that place to be enough. Or to be happy.

Instead you must become conscious of the fact that you do NOT need anything outside of you. You don’t need a certain income, or to drive a certain car, or be beautiful. It’s already inside of you.

Listen, we heard something a while back that really hit home. Brian Finale says, “If you don’t have the business you want, it’s because you haven’t become the person to run it.”


If you can get to a place (ahead of the event) where you don’t need anything outside of yourself to be happy, YOU have won the game.

It is tough. Even for us it was tough, and you likely have your own things that you feel are keeping you from being in that place of happiness and gratitude.

Which is why personal development is our favorite part. Understand that growth and self-development are truly the keys to success.

Because it won’t be perfect.

There will be times when negative thoughts creep in. You’ll definitely have challenges. But these are actually gifts that you can learn to embrace. Because these are the times when the Universe is challenging you to grow into the next level of yourself.

When you get that power, and past the idea of needing to have the result to do the thing, things begin to happen in your life that you would never expect.

Try It…Just For Today!

We found this powerful Podcast from the Co-Founder of MLSP, Brian Finale, and we wanted to share it with you today. Click Here to Listen! Enjoy! 

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